I4J Undergoing the Dissemination Phase

July 29, 2016

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Since April 2016, the LGU’s that joined Project I4J are on the ground working on the Integrity Building Process. An I4J facilitator was assigned in each LGU to coach them on the implementation activities. A point person was appointed by the Local Chief Executive to coordinate closely with the I4J facilitator.

The first stage is simple but the most crucial. The LCE will sign the Integrity Pledge and an MOU with the project. The pledge will give the tone from the top for the commitment on integrity. One of the challenges faced during this stage is that some of the LCE’s that committed in the project lost in the May 2016 elections. But even with the change of leadership, most of them still continued in the implementation.

Majority of the LGUs are now at the next stage which is taking a look on where the LGU is on their level of integrity practices. This is done through the Integrity Self-Assessment Tool (ISAT). The result of the assessment will be the starting point of the Technical Working Group (TWG) Members in drafting the Integrity Mechanisms. The items that TWG thinks that need to be prioritized will be validated by the local business, local CSO and LGU. This stage is normally done through a workshop conducted by the I4J facilitator. But there are some LGUs that were able to implement these o their own.

There are few LGUs that are already in the advanced stage of the implementation of the Integrity Building Process. Some are already done drafting the mechanisms and have already met the Integrity Circle Members.

The LGUs will be gathering in Exchange Workshops starting end of August. This will give them a chance to present their mechanisms and learn from the experiences of other LGUs.

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